Oracal lamination against Vandalism, Oracal win ;-)

A few months ago, we installed a batch of signboards for Singapore Land Transport Authority.
Shortly after the installation, some of these signboards were vandalized, with people adding moustaches etc. as can be seen below.

Vandalized Signboard, Baby face Vandalized baby face

Vandalized text

We were called to see if we could do something.

So we went onsite with a full range of chemicals and also some spare printed part as a worst case scenario. We tried first with water and soap 1st, than mark remover, then move to turpentine and to thinner without success.

As a last tentative with chemicals I decided to take the risk of applying industrial acetone, expecting a melt of the lamination;

To our good surprise, the Oracal lamination we used [3640M-000] was able to sustain the solvent effect of the acetone [we washed it right after to limit any potential non visible damage] and we ended up having the signboards cleaned like a charm in no time:

Restored Signboard, Baby face Restored baby face

Restored text

This is a real case example that speaks by itself of the value of using high-end lamination film, in this case Oracal, at least for any outdoor/public place prints.

See our Printing and Mounting Services for more details.

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