Proud of our giclee prints on Canvas !

Proud of our giclee prints on Canvas !

We have recently produced and installed digital artist canvasses to showcase high quality German handcrafted beds and natural organic latex mattresses from Dormiente.

See below the vivid colours and pictures of the bedroom settings! Some of their details are zoomed up to 10 times without compromising the resolution of visuals while taking advantage of the canvas texture to give some depth.

Love the details of the light, gold and copper colors rendering!

Make a comparison of the colours and clarity of the original Dormiente visuals vs our canvas prints.

These canvas wrapped are from our first “full workflow” batch of Canvas Prints done with our new “brought back to earth” 12 color Canon pigment printer, extended gamut inks installed and, critical part, custom set of actions in Photoshop to take full advantage of this wide color range and of our 100% cotton canvas texture…

More examples coming soon and why not yours ;-)

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