Safety Stickers, Safety Tags

While doing these safety stickers and related signs for a while, we are now increasing this activity and proposing these as standard products, soon to be included in our website.


Simple self-adhesive sign with/without reflective material

Fire safety sticker

For automated car park lift

Installed on the system itself

Another type using aluminium frame…

Restricted Area stickers packed ready for export to install on marine vessels.



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Recent jobs, 3D acrylic signs

Selection of various 3D signs and 3D lightboxes of the past few weeks, to give you more ideas ;-)

IT shop at Sim Lim Square

Wall 3D sign using acrylic mirror 2 colours laser cut for clothes shop

Original use of 3D laser cut and psray painted letters mounted on clear acrylic frame for company main entrance sign

Another colorful 3D lightbox

Look at our Signages for other designs and options…

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New Display Products: X-banner and A-Stand

We just added new products to our offer following customers requests, still not updated on our web site, so here they are:

- X-banner:

Another view:

And A-Stand:

Another view: 

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Recently done pull-up systems !

Our pull-up stands and pop-up systems are gaining popularity, so here are some pictures of our most recent jobs, starting with pull-up banners:

and some 3×3 pop-ups, more difficult to take nicely into pict ;-)

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CorelDraw add-on for laser cutting 3D parts

We just made public our internal CorelDraw X6 add-on to generate optimized parts for laser cutting boxes :

Example of generated paths:

See details and files for download in this very useful forum

Let us know any comments either on the forum or by email at


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Templates for Pop-up systems design

We just released Illustrator templates for our Pop-up systems.

Not only they make it easier for you to ensure your design is matching dimensions while you can visualize where the joining will happen, they also make our work safer since we can directly generate each panel final artwork for printing ;-)

Links for download:

3×3 Pop-up Curve
3×3 Pop-up Straight
3×4 Pop-up Curve
3×4 Pop-up Straight

Hope you find them useful.


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Our latest posts in one2sell

Great website for free ads !

These are our latest ones:


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New product: Pop-up Systems

Either Curved or straight, 3×3 or 4×4 !

Since we did some of these systems in the past few weeks, we decided to include them in our standard offering, and to promote this launch, we offer free delivery !
Easy to set-up thanks to color code and strong magnetic bars. And we will demonstrate for you when we deliver so no need to worry :-)

Installing Last Panel

Strong auto-align magnetic bars

See full details at


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Custom Bunny Playground: Acrylic Laser Cut

Thanks to Audrey, pictures of her Bunny playground with and without the bunny we just made yesterday following her drawing.

Bunny Playground, Acrylic laser cut By Plixo, Design by Audrey

And right after assembly, less exciting:

Long Life to the Rabbit ;-)

For more on our acrylic and laser cutting services, see Plixo’s Acrylic Manufacturing page


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Stick-on for tablets and iPad by Uyii: Felt, Suede and Fabric Laser cut

Now available for sale online, 3 original and practical designs by Albert, Jiaying and Corina [Industrial Design Majors at the National University of Singapore],.

Hand manufactured in Singapore by Uyii, with little help of Plixo’s laser cutting services:

And more to come from them and maybe you ;-)

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