Office phone and fax line up again

To all our customers,

We wish to apologize if you faced difficulties reaching us by phone the last few days. Due to [my guess] construction going on opposite our building, our office phone line was out of order most of the time. It seems to be fixed by now so eager to get your calls again ;-)

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  1. Kenneth Lim says:

    Hi there,

    I have an oil painting (see pic attached) that I wish to cover up, for a temporary 1 year period. ie : upon removal 1 year later, the oil painting must not be damaged.

    The oil painting dimension is Width 165 cm and Ht 217 cm. the frame is aluminum n about 2 inch thick.

    Im thinking is it possible to print a poster n stick the 2 vertical edges of the poster to the 2 inch vertical frame of e oil painting?

    Pse advise.

    Mr Kenneth Lim

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