Laser Cut & Engraving on wood, Weekly Roundup (22/09/2011)

Ever wondered how you can make something that stands out in this massively commercialised world?

Wood is one of nature’s gift with its amazing structural properties.

At Plixo, we enable the designs that allows you to infuse this gift from nature into an eye catching item that would have a lasting impression.

Laser Engraving  on Wood Veneer

Trials of Engraving on different materials: Wood Veneer
(designed by foreigndesignpolicy)

Trials of Engraving on different materials:Balsa
(designed by foreigndesignpolicy)

Laser Engraving  on Balsa

Trials Engraving on different materials: Laminate
(designed by foreigndesignpolicy)


Wine menu board, laser cut and engrave plywood
(designed by foreigndesignpolicy)

Wooden Pins, laser cut and engrave on Mapple
(designed by PUPILPEOPLE)

Glenfiddich for bar, laser engrave on solid wood

These are some of the works that we do at Plixo. We personalise your products or items with a touch of nature.

Wood engraving, like leather cutting is turning to more precise Plixo laser cutting and engraving to create items that are highly intricate.

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