Sticker die cutting services: perfect cut and contour cut, easy peel, competitive price

High Quality cut of shapes, logos and letters on vinyl sticker

We are glad to finally launch our new service: vinyl cutting.

OK, probably this sounds like old news, right? So many people provide this service already guys, what’s the .. ck?

Well, yes, true. Almost any print shop offer this. That’s why we also wanted to have it. But as always with us, we don’t want to just be a “me-too” company.

So we spent the last 3 months studying existing offer and limitations, sourcing a cutter, modifying it, totally rewritten the driver and cutting software so as to offer something different.

And we are sincerely thinking we get it ;-)

So here are our differences:
- shapes cut to match actual artwork, i.e. sharp corners,  curves proportion, no or reduced start pointetc
- “perfect” cut i.e. the cut is clean and neat, as demonstrated by pictures taken at 10x and 30x comparing our cut with a “normal” cut
- thanks to the above and some proprietary algorithms, the shapes are easy to peel , including circles, small and thin shapes, etc. Either we are the one peeling or you want to do, this will reduce your time and waste by a factor of up to 5!
- we can do contour cut up to 1.9m width ! And this both for the artwork we print or for your existing artwork [as long as we get at least 3 corners marked in any distinguishible way] .

Find more at our Plixo Sticker die cut services.


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